Sun 22
Cramlington united juniors lions
Under 9
U9 Cramlington united Lions v Tynemouth United U9

U9 Cramlington united Lions v Tynemouth United U9

By Colin Hatch
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Another great performance for Tynemouth U9s

We asked the lads today to try to be first to everything, Drive into space and put together some good passes whilst moving forward. Which is exactly what the did.
First quarter started with the team pressing the opposition quickly. Harry was quick to push forward from the back and got a ball to Liam who quickly got the first GOAL for the team.
Harry then got forward again to get another ball forward to Liam who had a good run and strike at goal.
Some good defending at the back and Joey made a strong tackle with Ben then
making the clearance.
Liam got a ball forward to Bradley who dribbled forward well and had a shot which unfortunately didn't have enough power to beat the keeper.
Joey made two great runs forward pressing high from the back with the second seeing him drive from centre back getting passed players all the way up to the oppositions goal and he was unlucky not to score.
The opposition attacked and were denied by Ethan who had came off his line early to quickly put the striker under pressure forcing the save.
Liam had some great drives forward with him winning a corner. It was taken quickly by him and passed to Bradley who put in a great cross.
It was then Toby's turn to drive forward and showed great feet in front of goal and got a shot off but it wasn't quite hard enough to beat the keeper.
The opposition pushed forward and had a
good shot from range which was saved well by Ethan who then calmly distributed the ball out to his team mates.
Ben did some great tracking back and linked up well with Harry who cleared the ball forward. Liam drove forward again quickly getting passed players and shot and scored his second.
Second quarter Joey, Harry and Liam gave way to Charlie, Jack and Tom.
Toby and Charlie quickly began pressing the opposition. Toby had a drive forward and played a good ball to Charlie who had a good shot saved.
Ben and Tom showed great composure passing calmly at the back allowing Tom to drive the ball forward.
Toby worked hard tracking back to defend and made a good tackle to put the ball out of play.
Charlie played a good pass to Jack who quickly chased it forward and won a corner.
Tom put in some strong tackles at the back and Ben cleared the ball forward.
The opposition had a chance to shoot at goal which was saved well by Ethan with the ball initially bouncing off him and up into the air and then caught and secured by him.
Jack played a good ball into the box for Bradley who attempted a volley and his shot went wide.
Some great runs forward by Charlie.
Some good 1v1 defending by Ben.
Bradley dispossessed the opposition well at the halfway line and then drove the ball forward battling well to keep possession
and managed to put a great cross into the box.
It was then Ben's turn to put in a great tackle at the back and make a good pass to Tom.
Charlie made a pass to Jack who had a good shot which wasn't quite hard enough to beat the goalkeeper but wins a corner. Charlie passes to Jack who puts a good cross into the box which then comes back out to Charlie who has a good strike which just went wide of the post.
Tom seen the quarter out by making a great run from right back across the pitch to left wing and out for a throw in.
The third quarter Ben, Toby and Bradley gave way to Joey, Harry and Liam.
Liam quickly put the opposition under pressure and had a good shot at goal which then came back out to Harry who then also had a good shot at goal.
Jack won a corner and crossed a good ball into the box to Joey who did well controlling the ball but maybe took one touch too many and was soon surrounded by the opposition before being able to get off a shot.
After another attack by the opposition was cut out by the defence Joey made another great drive forward which was then quickly followed by Liam who's shot was saved.
Joey was in the mix again battling to win the ball and showed great skill to dribble the ball forward. Harry had a long range shot at goal and scored the third GOAL.
Quickly after the oppositions kickoff Harry then battled against two to win the ball and put it out.
Liam had another chance to drive forward with the ball from midfield and had a shot saved and then scored the rebound GOAL getting his hatrick.
Charlie made a great run forward and made a very mature decision by making a good pass in front of goal rather than shooting.
There was some good passing on display today. A pass from Harry to Liam to Jack to Harry who's shot was saved.
Charlie had another good run at goal and his shot went just over the crossbar.
Jack git into a good position and put a good cross in for Liam who scored his fourth GOAL.
Liam showed great composure passing a ball to Charlie who megged the goalkeeper scoring the teams sixth GOAL.
The last quarter. Liam took a turn in goal for Ethan to have a run out and Harry and Charlie gave way to Ben and Toby.
It started with great defending by Tom and then a good save by Liam.
Jack made a good drive forward from the back but a slightly heavy touch moved it to far forward and was intercepted.
Toby showed great skill getting passed players and making a good pass to ben who passed back to Toby who played ball to Joey who had a good shot at goal saved.
Joey had another great drive forward winning tackles and then calmly playing the ball past the goalkeepers left and scoring the teams seventh GOAL.
Ethan made some good runs forward down the left putting in a shot and a cross and also doing some great tracking back to help defend.
Tom made a great run from midfield and put in a good cross to Jack who had a shot at goal.
Ethan drove forward from the back passing to Joey who passed to Tom who passed to Jack, some great passing.
Joey put a good ball forward to Ethan who's shot was saved.
Joey made a great run tracking back to defend an attack and win the ball.
Overall some great football today with some great decisions being made by the lads. Some good runs forward and put together some good flurries of passes. They all seemed to put in 100% effort in pressing every ball which made it difficult for the opposition to get into the game. The were some great goals, assists and defending from everyone. Man of the match is always difficult but it goes to Liam for his great energy and desire today to press forward and played some great football. Welldone to everyone today you all did amazing keeping it up.

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Sun 22, Sep 2019